About us


Established in 2005, Over these past years our business has grown year on year. We have continually learned to strengthen our infrastructure and people, further defining our company values and ethos. Our vision to deliver outstanding services to our clients is driven with integrity and a clear commitment to add value.

Our experience and growth has enabled us to build our commercial expertise to a level where we consistently deliver first class solutions to some of the largest establishments in the UK. We are very proud of what makes us different, and that is that we really care about our customers.

Helen Davies, Managing Director

Helen Davies
Managing Director

“We value our customers and that’s why they value us!”

Our Mission

Continually exceeding our customers expectations remains the core driver for all our business activity

Our People

Our teams are our assets. At Reflekt we have generated a work ethos which encourages staff to continuously develop, learn and therefore stay with us (and you) long term. We invest in the training of our teams so that we can ensure that our staff are fully competent for the tasks they undertake and professionally prepared to tackle challenges and issues.

Furthermore we have developed our own in house continuous competency assessment process which ensures that the right level of expertise is matched to the task for each and every job. Our staff are continually monitored and rated on their performance . Only our highest skilled and consistent high rated staff are authorised for work at height and are able supervise others working at height. This means that we reduce risk across the board on all work at height activity. Our system helps reduce incidents and near misses. Our customers are fully informed with the relevant information about our staff , far superior information that a training records. Our customers have piece of mind that the staff we select for works on their properties have the skills, expertise and proven track record to carry out their tasks professionally and safely.