Other Cleaning Services

High Level Cleaning & Dusting

At Reflekt we can offer any high level cleaning solution to your individual requirements. High Level dusting is often a requirement for schools and offices to remove the dust and debris that sits on ledges, ductwork, beams, light fittings etc. We use our specialist dusting equipment to remove dust safely and carefully so that your environment looks better and remains hygienic. We carry this type of clean at at schools, colleges and factories.

Canopy & Roof Cleans

We are Roof Top working specialists and have specially trained staff to work safely and efficiently for access for roof top, canopy or atrium cleans. We are skilled at using site specific latchway and mansafe systems and are able to utilise a variety of access methods to facilitate your clean safely.

Cladding , Fascia, & Gutter Cleans

Using Reach and Wash system is a superb method of cleaning cladding & fascia. Pure ware dissolves algae with great results. We can access from ground level or access using Mobile Elevated work Platforms . We can also offer gutter clearance services.