Facilities or Commercial Property Management Companies

Reflekt Cleaning are specialists in working with commercial Facilities Management Companies. We will help you supply safe, quality, well managed services for your clients. Our years of experience in this area has led us to develop robust strategies in our approach which will reduce risk, improve standards, add value and very often reduce cost. Our approach to working with you ensures that we build and maintain trust with the common goal of meeting your clients needs. Your client becomes our client!

It is our belief is that services should be transparent and that we should be fully accountable for the work we do. This is exemplified by our commitment to provide improved reporting of works done and therefore added value to our customers.

Service Scan

That is why we have invested time and resources to develop a system which tracks and records all of our work using our bespoke ServiceScan ™ technology & process.

Some of the clients we supply service to on behalf of our FM customers and partners include; BP, Cadburys, RAF, Philips Avent, Omnicom,