Public Sector

Reflekt Cleaning provides robust solutions for delivering window cleaning works to the public sector. Whether this be an individual site responsible for their own budget or a contract gained through public tender.

Reflekt has masses of experience working with schools, colleges and universities as well as student accommodation, primary care trust and other NHS. We also deliver services to RAF bases across the UK

The key importance in working with the public sector is to provide services with integrity, that are ethically sound and where consideration has clearly been taken as far as quality and safety monitoring is concerned. The other priority is to as provide good value solutions. We ensure that our staff are fully trained and competent (link take to staff training page in about us) for task with a proven track record. All staff are security checked to CRB level.

For Contracts that are complex or where there are multiple sites we can offer superior reporting and recoding of work done using our ServiceScan ™ technology & process

Service Scan

ServiceScan ™ will assist in providing procurement, estates or site managers with up to date accurate information providing real proof of delivery, Better reporting of Work done and real evidence of Performance to KPI’s

Some of our public sector clients include; Surrey Support Partnership NHS, Sheffield University, Leicester Schools and Colleges PFI, North Warwickshire and Hinckley Schools and Colleges, Hadley Learning Community, Malcolm Arnold Academy…