Retail Clients

Reflekt can offer localised window cleaning for retail units and shopping centres across the UK. For multiple retail site contracts we will ensure and guarantee to deliver excellence in window cleaning service provision.

Reflekt can offer National solutions for retailers using our bases in the North West, Midlands and London. We further support our direct staff with an approved network of contractors around the Uk, Scotland and Ireland to offer a one stop shop by;

  1. Improving consistency by standardising specification of clean and quality of works across sites
  2. Making service costs visible and tangible
  3. Reducing risk
  4. Improving overall customer service by improved communication, saving individual store time and money
  5. Improving evidence of work done
  6. Streamlining processes, saving time and money

Service Scan

These contracts are perfect for our ServiceScan ™ bar code scanning system across the contract which will assist and support in ensuring continuity and consistency.

Our ServiceScan ™ technology & process will ensure you have visibility across the whole contract including real proof of delivery, better reporting of work done and evidence of Performance.