Why us?

Reflekt delivers a consistent, professional and safe service carried out by skilled trained and informed staff. We will take time to understand your specific needs and professionally consult with you on the best, safest and most cost effective solution for your contracts’ needs.


  • Competent & trained teams with proven track record and experience so that you have peace of mind.
  • Robust back of house Operations support and account management meaning that when challenges arise we are equipped to deal with them and respond quickly.
  • Systems and software that facilitate better scheduling and reporting of work done.


  • Active Quality management system which ensures that objectives are met. Reflekt is accredited to ISO9001 (click here to view certificate).
  • Our Mission was defined because of our belief that Service standards do not need to suffer in order to make profits. Our ethos is to continually exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • We monitor and audit our performance as standard to ensure that we are objective and open about areas for improvement and will actively strive for continuous improvement.

Health & Safety

  • Safe Contractor Approved (click here to view certificate).
  • Contractor Plus Approved (click here to view certificate).
  • Process driven staff competency assessments which are level based paired with ongoing performance monitoring means work is suitably matched to skill level.
  • Reduce risk for work at height activity.
  • Well defined and structured Safety Management Systems.


  • Superior reporting on work done, whatever the contract size.
  • We can help you save time and effort and enable all involved to keep a firm grip of operational delivery.
  • Bespoke ServiceScan ™ Bar Code scanning technology.

Value for Money

  • We will work with you to find the best methods and most cost effective solutions to meet your individual needs. We will advise where cost savings can be made if required based on specification or frequency changes .
  • Receive a service that goes above and beyond to help.
  • Work with a Supplier that really Adds Value